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Glasgow's inclusive rugby team 

A safe space for all

We are Glasgow Raptors RFC – Glasgow’s inclusive rugby club.

We fight for equality, diversity, and comfort in team sports.

Since 2015, the club has worked to make rugby accessible, and to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ people to engage with the sport we love.

Under the Glasgow Raptors family, we now have a men's and women's rugby union team, as well as a mixed-gender touch team. 

Glasgow Raptors was founded and is still treated as a home for LGBTQ+ people who want to play rugby, but the club is inclusive and welcoming of everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, age, or level of experience.

The Glasgow Raptors RFC is a member of IGR International Gay Rugby.

Our story

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Glasgow Alphas

First founded in 2015 as the Glasgow Alphas, the club has competed in a number of competitions over these years, including the Northern IGR League, the Union Cup, Hadrians Cup, Touch My Brum and Enfys 7s.

2021 - present

Glasgow Raptors

After a lot of work and deliberation the club rebranded in June of 2021, and so, the Glasgow Raptors were born.


The Glasgow Raptors has the focus of maintaining and progressing the safe space for rugby that the team provides in the Glasgow and Clydebank areas. 

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2023 - present

Glasgow Raptors women's team

In April 2023, we introduced a women's rugby union team under the Glasgow Raptors family. 

Our aim in doing so is to make sure that rugby is accessible and to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ women to engage with the sport. 

2023 - present

Glasgow Raptors touch team

At the same time as introducing the women's rugby union team, in April 2023, we also introduced a mixed-gender touch team.

With an aim to make rugby accessible and inclusive for everyone, our goal is to make sure that all gender identities are able to enjoy the sport that we love.


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